Target Applications

The operation stations which need a panel PC working under Outdoor / Semi-outdoor environment, such as KIOSK/ way finder / signage / HMI

Pain Points for Outdoor Semi-outdoor Environments

The operation stations which need a touch panel PC working
under Outdoor or Semi-outdoor environment and system
owner may face some pain points such as :

  • UV light within sunlight damages touch screen
  • System shut down due to high temperature from sunlight
  • System cannot be turned on due to cold temperature
  • Strong sunlight makes LCD screen hard to read
  • LCD is too bright at night
  • High humidity, dust around leads to chassis erosion
  • Ambient temp. change causes water condensing to damage
  • System cannot run 24/7/365

Solutions for Outdoor Semi-outdoor HMI Panel PC

  1. Sunlight readable design to make LCD picture clear under sunlight
  2. Auto-dimming design to make LCD picture easily read in the dark
  3. Anti UV design to keep touch screen & LCD from sunlight damage
  4. Smart cooling keeps PC from burned down under direct sunlight
  5. Smart heating wakes up PC under low temp.
  6. Robust enclosure meets full IP proof
  7. Smart ventilation avoids water condensation
  8. Options for information exchange
  9. External I/O by cable gland for easy installation
  10. Vandal proof touch screen available
  11. Warranty and longevity supporting

Why Wincomm Rugged Ready Solutions ?

Under extreme climate changes environment and rapid temperature changes, Wincomm RD team have developed the advanced technologies on HMI controller touch panel PC solutions designed toward outdoor to semi-outdoor environment requirement, size ranging from 10" to 23.8" to enlarge the use at rugged IIoT solutions. Designed for applications of rapid changed outdoor environment, Wincomm comes up with wide range of operation temperature, sunlight readable, smart thermal management, light dymanic control, anti-water condensation, water-proof, dust-proof and anti-acid corrosion products, making it ideals to any type of rugged semi-outdoor or outdoor environment. Contact for more information.

Selection Guide Brief

Product Features Brief

  • CE, VCCI, FCC Class B Certification

  • 100% Waterproof Dustproof IP66/IP69K, NEMA4X

  • Resistive Touch On/Off for Easy Hygienic Clean

  • Easy Installation I.O. w/Optional Waterproof Connector

  • Full Range of LCD Size from 10", 15", 19", 22", to 23.8"

  • Intel® Core™, Atom® Various Platform for Selection

  • Fanless Design Withstand of Wide Temp -20~60°C Environments

  • Sunlight Readable Solution Ready

  • Smart Ventilation Avoid Water Condensation

  • Downward IO for Easy Installation and Space Saving

Key Successful Solutions

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