White Paper : Use EMRs to Build an IoT-     
  Enabled, AI-Powered Hospital

   A shortage of clinicians, poor patient flow, and a general lack of communication limit the
   efficiency of today’s hospitals. On the one hand, the lack of smooth patient flow is leading to 
   overcrowded hospitals, delays in care delivery, and longer wait times. On the
other hand, the 
   lack of planning and coordination among specialists, medical assistants,
and nurse practitioners
   is causing an increase in the length of the average hospital stay.
That’s not only costly, it also 
   results in fewer spots for inbound patients.

   Enter electronic medical records (EMRs), sometimes called electronic health records     

   (EHRs). They embody a high-level mechanism for communicating general patient   
   information among healthcare providers like general practitioners, specialists, and   
EMRs provide medical staff with general patient information          


    Application Story: 
Best suit for edge computing

   utilization on Medical 
Imaging Processing

     Wincomm next generation medical panel pc is a 40% performance increase over the previous generation WMP     
     series. The graphics capabilities are improved significantly. Video output display port can connect to two 
     independent external monitors and can support up to three different images simultaneously.
     The multiple display outputs are all capable of Ultra HD 4K resolution...

   Application Story: Wincomm IP69K Flat P-Cap Stainless

  Panel PC
 for Food Processing Industries

   With Wincomm’s focus on designing strong rugged industrial computers, IP rated water and dust proofing has 
   been a mainstay in our philosophy, which is exemplified through the technology needed for the IP69K Flat P-Cap 
   Stainless Panel PC series...



proimages/news/Product_news/2019/20191002/2019_Medical_Tokyo_Invitation__v2.0.jpg    Welcome to Visit Wincomm Medical Japan
   Tokyo 2019 Booth

    Dear Customer,
    Wincomm cordially invite you to visit our booth
    Hall 3 / 17-8, Makuhari Messe Tokyo, Japan from 23-25 Oct. 2019.


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