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Wincomm WMP-19K & 24C used in JP and Euro hospital endoscopic system

Wincomm announces that the WMP series 24” medical grade touch panel PC WMP-19K & 24C was used in JP and Euro hospital operating room’s endoscopic system. The new WMP-24M-PIS series meets the embedded endoscopic system specifications with its high performance CPU, graphics capabilities, PCI-E[x16] expansion function and image capture card. In addition, it has USB3.2 gen 2 slots to conveniently connect other medical devices. The P-cap touch design allows users to easily operate the unit. The 24 inch WMP-24M-PIS with Intel Intel® Comet Lake Core™ 35W CPU, has the highest performance for its panel size in the medical grade panel PC industry. Contact for more details 

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