NO. Date Subject
1 2023-05-15 Wincomm Launched 22”-24” Alder Lake Medical OR Panel PC WMP-22/24T-PIS Series - 1st Demo at Computex Taipei 2023
2 2023-04-28 Optimize Operation Flow for Smart Manufacturing with New Industrial HMI WLP-7H20 Series – Alder Lake
3 2023-03-23 Wincomm Upgraded Medical Cart Panel PC to 12th Gen. - WMP-22P/24P Series
4 2023-02-07 Finding Right Partner for Digital Medical Surgery Applications
5 2023-01-31 Elkhart Lake Full IP Waterproof Stainless Steel Box PC WTC-8J0
6 2022-11-25 HealthcareEXPO TW 2022 Wincomm Exhibited Endoscopy AI & Telehealth Solutions with Partners
7 2022-11-02 Wincomm Medical Cart AIO PC Upgraded Power Output Solution to Peripherals
8 2022-10-14 Wincomm Announced Elkhart Lake Full IP Panel PC WTP-8J66 Series
9 2022-07-27 Low Power Premium Elkhart Lake Industrial Panel PC WLP-7J20 Series – New Wide Screens for Selections
10 2022-06-16 Wincomm Announced Leading Performance Point of Care AIO PC WMP-24MD/ND Series
11 2022-05-18 2022 Computex Taipei Best Choice Award Winner – Wincomm 24” Medical OR Panel PC WMP-24M Series
12 2022-02-17 Wincomm New 24 Medical OR Panel PC Wins Taiwan Excellent 2022
13 2021-11-26 A Conversation with Embedded Computing Design
14 2021-11-11 The Interview of Wincomm for Taiwan Medtech by Economist Impact
15 2021-10-12 Wincomm Launches WPC-767(F) Medical-Grade Edge AI Box PC for Hospital Applications
16 2021-09-24 Medical Grade Panel PC Point of Care Upgrade to Whiskey Lake
17 2021-06-21 Compact 10.1” HMI Panel PC for Healthcare Information Solutions
18 2021-05-03 Wincomm Edge AI Ready Solutions -WMP-19K/24K & WLPM
19 2021-04-22 Wincomm EX Ready Solutions Suit for Hazardous Environments
20 2021-04-01 Wincomm Launched Full IP66/67/69K Whiskey Lake CPU Platform Stainless Panel PC WTP-9G66 Series
21 2021-02-23 Wincomm Powerful Medical AI Panel PC Extend to 24 Inch WMP-24K Ready for Medical Edge AI Applications
22 2021-01-28 Wincomm Announced Whiskey Lake Fanless Hot Swappable Batteries Medical Panel PC with 22 to 24 inch Touch Panel Series
23 2021-01-18 Wincomm Released AMD Ryzen™ V1605B Modular Panel PC WLPM-V00 Series for Rugged Fanless Operation
24 2020-12-08 Smart Hygiene Control Solutions
25 2020-11-02 Wincomm Medical AI Panel PC WMP-19K Wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2021
26 2020-10-08 Wincomm Industrial Modular Panel PC WLPM Series Extend Scalability at HMI Control Solutions
27 2020-10-05 White Paper: AI Joins with Embedded to Create Medical AI
28 2020-07-28 Optimizing Operating Room Safety by Wincomm Unique Power Design Medical PC 
29 2020-06-22 Perfect Extreme Hygienic Control HMI PC for Food/Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Applications After Pandemic
30 2020-05-29 Wincomm Launches Intel Apollo Lake Industrial Fanless Touch Panel PC WLP-7E20 Series
31 2020-05-15 Wincomm Announced Intel 8th gen. Core i Whisky Lake CPU WLP-7G20 Fanless Industrial Panel PC Series
32 2020-05-06 Maximum Cable Combination with Wincomm New Cable Gland for External I.O. Flexible Design
33 2020-04-27 Breakthrough AIoMT Applications with Wincomm New Medical AI Panel PC Series
34 2020-03-23 Design toward Semi-outdoor and Outdoor HMI Control IIoT Solution
35 2020-03-11 Why Wincomm Medical Grade Panel PC?
36 2020-01-16 Wincomm White Paper : How to Bring Differentiated AIoT Solutions to Rugged Industries
37 2020-01-07 Wincomm Compact Apollo Lake Stainless Steel Full IP Touch Panel PC WTP-8D66 Series Enriches Wide Range Use at Rugged IIoT
38 2019-11-11 Medica 2019 Empower Medical Devices with Wincomm Powerful Imaging Solutions
39 2019-11-05 Powerful 24” Kaby Lake Medical Cart Panel PC Series Enable Smart EMR Solutions
40 2019-10-23 Wincomm Successful Story: Best suit for edge computing utilization on Medical Imaging Processing
41 2019-10-02 Wincomm White Paper : Empowered Your Medical Devices Automated and Beyond: See the Next Wincomm Has Prepared.
42 2019-09-04 Light Interactive 15.6” Apollo Lake Medical Panel PC Ideal for Economical e-Healthcare Solutions
43 2019-07-31 Wincomm 10.1” Panel PC Enrich HMI Control Machine Efficiency
44 2019-07-18 Wincomm Launched IP69K Stainless Steel Touch Panel PC WTP Series Extended to 24” Size
45 2019-06-25 Wincomm Launches New Explosion Proof Product WTPE Series for Gas & Oil Industries Using in Hazardous Area
46 2019-05-22 Computex 2019 Wincomm Enable Medical Vision AI by Demo 3D Endoscope System and Smart Medicare Solution
47 2019-05-06 Computex 2019 Wincomm Announced Smart EMR Solution Leveraging Intel High Computing Power and AI Tool Kits
48 2019-03-29 Wincomm WTP series Enabling Smart Factory toward Industrial 4.0
49 2018-11-12 Wincomm Announced Full Range of Industrial Monitor with IP66/69K for Versatile Applications
50 2018-10-03 Wincomm Powerful Graphic Medical Cart PC WMP 22H w/MXM Video Card Suit for Medical Imaging
51 2018-09-17 Expand to Medical Grade Monitor product line, Wincomm releases WMD series ranging from 23.8” to 15.6”
52 2018-08-20 Upgraded for Diverse Applications, Wincomm announces 10 inches Stainless Steel Panel PC Wide Temperature series WTP-8B66-10W
53 2018-05-31 Wincomm Medical Fanless Hot-swappable Batteries Touch Panel PC Has Won the Best Choice Golden Award 2018 and COMPUTEX d&i awards 2018
54 2018-05-23 Wincomm Announced Intel 6th gen. Core i Skylake CPU Platform WLP-7F20 Fanless Industrial Panel PC Series
55 2018-01-04 Wincomm launches WPC-766/766E Rugged Box PC with the Intel 6th generation Skylake CPU platform and passed Medical UL 60601-1 4th edition
56 2017-11-23 WMP-24C used in Euro hospital endoscopic system
57 2017-11-13 Wincomm wins again at the Taiwan Excellence Award 2018 Innovation ability is well recognized by the industry.
58 2017-10-06 An industry best, the highest performance medical grade panel PC is launched: Wincomm announces WMP-C Series
59 2017-09-28 Wincomm Releases Full IP66/67/69K Skylake CPU Platform Stainless Panel PC Series
60 2017-08-22 Waterproof Panel PC First Choice ~ Wincomm introduces Rugged Full IP66/67/69K Stainless Touch Panel PC
61 2017-07-07 6th generation Skylake platform Medical grade touch Panel PC WMP-24F/22F/19F
62 2017-04-26 Wincomm Releases 15 inch and 19 inch Full IP66/IP69K/IP67 stainless steel Panel PC WTP-9C66 Series and Wide Temp. WTP-9C66 W Series
63 2017-04-17 Wincomm announces Intel 5th gen. Core i Broadwell CPU platform WLP-7D20-H Series for semi-outdoor environment
64 2017-03-15 Fanless Industrial Panel PC upgrade Wincomm announces Intel 5th gen. Core i Broadwell CPU platform WLP-7D20 Series
65 2017-01-26 Wincomm wins again at the Taiwan Excellence Award 2017 and demonstrates extraordinary design capability
66 2017-01-18 Outdoor Full IP69K/IP67 Waterproof touch Panel PC WTP-8B66-15O
67 2016-12-30 Wincomm announces Intel 6th generation Skylake platform Medical Panel PC WMP-17F
68 2016-10-26 Waterproof rating upgrade: Wincomm announces stainless steel Fanless IP67 waterproof panel PC
69 2016-08-16 Medical Computer Upgrade Wincomm Releases Intel Broadwell CPU series: WMP-19A / WMP-22A
70 2016-06-29 Wincomm's Stainless Steel Fanless touch panel PC – WTP-9A66-22 and Medical Grade Panel PC -WMP-249 are winners of the 2016 d&i award by iF
71 2016-06-08 2016 Computex Success Ending
72 2016-04-26 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award Winner
73 2016-03-09 Fanless and Wide Temperature design. Wincomm announces WLP-7B20-10/15H Series suitable for automatic control
74 2016-01-13 Challenging harsh environments Wincomm Releases 15 inch and 19 inch Wide Temp. Full IP66 stainless steel Panel PC WTP-8B66-15 / 19W
75 2016-01-12 Following the Best Choice Gold Award Winner, Wincomm wins again at the Taiwan Excellence Award 2016 to demonstrate extraordinary R & D capability and quality
76 2015-11-09 Wincomm Medical Panel PC WMP-24’’series and WMP-15’’series Certified for Energy Star 6.1
77 2015-10-09 Wincomm introduces a 21.5-inch Full IP66 Stainless Panel PC ~ WTP-9A66-22.
78 2015-08-31 Best choice for outdoor automatic control system; Wincomm introduces the rugged box PC WPC-765WT
79 2015-07-28 Wincomm announces 15 inch Medical Grade Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core CPU Platform WMP-153
80 2015-05-28 Wincomm's Stainless Steel Fanless touch panel PC series for the Food Industry has won the Best Choice Golden Award 2015
81 2015-05-22 Wincomm will be on display new products at the 2015 Computex
82 2015-04-30 Improving the imaging capability of medical grade panel PC. Wincomm WMP-248/249 adding new function - DICOM
83 2015-04-02 Wincomm announces Intel Bay Trail CPU platform WLP-7B20 / WTP-8B66 Series
84 2015-02-25 Wincomm WTP-9A66 Series with Fcc Class B Certification
85 2015-01-06 Wincomm is proud to announce a new Core i CPU product – WTP-9A66 Stainless Panel PC Series
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