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Due to global pandemic, to avoid physical contact during surgical or diagnostic procedure is a good way to prevent spreading the virus to others. Moreover, the doctors are usually busy at handing devices during surgery procedure, and to enable the way using foot or voice to control the flow is necessary for operating room.

Pain Points 

To enable various signal inputs from different modules, it would require one programmable way to capture the signal and integrate within the platform to initiate the surgery flow, such as

    • Programmable API to enable signal inputs to integrate for applications
    • Must be medical grade passed certification locally
    • Must support SDI/HDMI or USB connector to fulfill various type of endoscope
    • Video capture card support
    • Easy clean & anti-bacterial housing
    • Touch on/off for hygienic cleaning
    • Isolation COM / LAN / USB
    • UPS battery inside

Wincomm Solutions


Featuring on High CPU performance, PCI-E[x4] Expansion, and Medical MDR/UL/EN 60601-1 4th Edition Certified

Wincomm provided the point of care WMP-15J/19J series with GPI function to enable the applications via programming API solutions. In this case, it is required to integrate pedal as the tool for the end user in this surgery flow. Furthermore, it would link to the captured image flow to smoothly integrate into the overall surgery, so this programming API is a tool kits with the capture card that provided the completed solution for developer. Finally, Wincomm worked with our partners to co-develop this GPI function and then provide to the medical device to enable this non-contact endoscopy solution.

For more product information, please visit the Wincomm website at Wincomm POC Medical All In One PC Series/


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