Innovation Colonoscopy Application –Remote Control Panel


According to the GlobalData prediction report, the remote patient monitoring market will reach $760 million by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.3%. Under this market trend, the remote control panel is key design to connect these medical devices with safety, reliability and prevention, furthermore, it would require custom graphic computing capability to fulfill various data rendering.

A warming gas flows through a jacket to heat an insufflation gas flowing in a separate tube, thereby reducing cost and disposable waste. The heated warming gas may be filtered to sterilize or maintain sterility and released to atmosphere after heating the flowing insufflation gas. However, the heat usually is constantly maintained, thereby eliminating “cold spots” caused by the natural cycling of the resistance heaters due to the nature of the operation being preformed on the patient. Therefore, how to keep the heating system of the insufflation gas, carbon dioxide, with constant temperature at the patient is critical to solve for various operation procedures, such as CT Colonography or Virtual Colonoscopy, Optical Colonoscopy, Intussusception reduction, Virtual enteroclysis and etc.

Pain Points 

To suit for various sensors input with remote control and custom graphic interface, the design for the computing platform must maintain several points, such as

    • Must be Medical Grade passed certification locally
    • Must be anti-bacteria and easy clean to avoid infection
    • Must support COM or USB connector to fulfill various type of tubes
    • Must support to special design to integrate with application for history memory
    • Support devices, such as barcode reader, with integration
    • UPS Battery Inside

Wincomm Solutions


Featuring on High CPU performance, Dual Storages, PCI-E[x4] expansion, Battery pack, lasting up to 50 minutes, and Medical MDR/UL/EN 60601-1 4th Edition Certified

Wincomm medical grade touch panel PC, WMP POC series, are designed for general medical system and have successfully installed in the hospitals around EU, US and Asia. In this case, the WMP-15J provides small size, with high computing performance, various COM/USB/LAN support this application and self-own FW/BIOS to integrate with graphic interface. For more product information, please visit the Wincomm website at https://www.wincommusa.com/category-Medical-Panel-PC-p1-1.html.


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