Sensor and IoT Technology Applied in the Maritime Solutions


The Maritime industry is undergoing a continual transformation, emerging as a leading domain for digitalization and automation. By integrating cutting-edge technology, sensors, and software solutions on vessels, the industry is prioritizing efficiency and significant cost savings. Sensor technology stands out as one of the most sophisticated and refined advancements in the modern era. This technology has revolutionized the maritime industry by replacing laborious manual tasks, such as equipment inspection on ships. By harnessing the power of machine learning and AI, sensors establish connections with remote facilities, enabling data analysis and prompt alerts for necessary maintenance of ship components. This innovative integration of sensors opens up remarkable prospects to enhance both the efficiency and safety of ships and their associated equipment.

Pain Points 

One part of the puzzle is to install a control panel with the ability to provide more USB with special I.O. for rich sensors and auto-dimming display to fulfill marine environment.

    • Easy installation, maintenance, and ensures not to cause long-term interruption while upgrading or maintaining the equipment
    • Cost-efficiency solution by merely upgrading certain modules instead of the whole unit
    • More options for connectivity, such as RS-422, USB*4 to 5, phoenix connector
    • Waterproof IP65
    • Suit for outdoor auto dimming, and avoid reflection technology
    • Expansions to support long maintenance

Wincomm Solutions


With Wincomm’s focus on designing strong modular industrial computers, a highly integration panel mount Industrial panel PC, WMP-105 series is designed with 10.1” display with auto-dimming, anti-glare technology, and easy installation with more USB/COM ports for options to adopted for maritime applications.

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