Upgraded Wide Temp Panel PC to Intel Elkhart Lake Platform

- For Panel Mount WLP-7J20-15W and Full IP Stainless Steel WTP-8J66-15W


Wincomm Corporation, a distinguished leader in the industrial panel PC market renowned for its innovative thermal solutions, is pleased to announce the enhancement of its wide temperature panel PC series. These upgrades incorporate the Intel Atom x6413E (Elkhart Lake) processor, designed to meet the diverse requirements of both outdoor and semi-outdoor environments. This advancement underscores Wincomm's commitment to delivering cutting-edge Human-Machine Interface (HMI) controller touch panel PC solutions, adept at navigating the dynamic conditions of outdoor settings. The upgraded series maintains key features such as sunlight readability, intelligent thermal management, light control, anti-water condensation, and comprehensive waterproof and dustproof capabilities, while significantly boosting computing power to efficiently handle vision control tasks across various applications.

Fig 1. Wincomm wide temp high brightness panel PC series are design for outdoor & semi-outdoor environment applications.

Wide Operation Temp. Design for Rugged Environment
In response to the challenges posed by extreme climatic variations and rapid temperature fluctuations, Wincomm has ingeniously engineered the series' motherboard to operate reliably across an expansive outdoor temperature range of -20℃ to 60℃. The introduction of an exclusive i-Cooling Smart Thermal Control technology ensures optimal CPU performance without the risk of overheating, particularly in higher temperature locales. This innovation leverages BIOS adjustments to modulate core speed effectively. Conversely, for colder environments, a meticulously designed preheating circuit guarantees both circuit preparation and system startup, safeguarding against component failures due to low temperatures. The selection of peripheral components, including the LCD, touch interface, RAM, SSD, and HDD, is stringently based on their wide temperature range compatibility, ensuring uninterrupted 24/7/365 operation in various outdoor and semi-outdoor settings.

More Performance, Lower Power Panel Mount WLP-7J20-15H with Sunlight Readable Solution
Furthermore, the introduction of the wide temperature high brightness panel mount WLP-7J20-15H series, powered by the Intel® x6413E platform and designed for enhanced data processing capabilities, caters to the expanding needs of semi-outdoor and outdoor self-service kiosks, including AI-driven applications. This series offers a wide operational temperature range, a 15-inch display with 1000 nits of brightness, and an optional sunlight-readable solution, providing developers with versatile choices.
Fig 2. With anti-UV light touch screen, the pictures quality of WLP-7J20-15H under sunlight could provide much better experience and avoid sunlight damage.

Stable high data communication Full IP69K Enclose WTP-8J66-15W
As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to integrate into numerous applications, there is a growing emphasis on enhancing the flexibility, durability, and user-friendliness of factory devices, while minimizing maintenance costs. The Full IP Stainless Steel Panel PC WTP-8J66-15W series, equipped with the Intel Atom® x6413E, 1.5GHz processor (codename: Elkhart Lake (EHL)), up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and Windows 11 support, exemplifies these principles. It boasts a wide operational temperature range from -20 to 60℃ and a 15”panel size. Its IP69K waterproof and dustproof specifications illustrate its resilience against high-pressure water sprays and dust intrusion, complemented by an IP67 rating indicative of its capability to withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Each unit undergoes Wincomm's rigorous testing protocols to affirm its adherence to the certified IP66/69K/67 standards, ensuring unparalleled quality assurance.
Fig 3. Wide temp full IP stainless steel panel PC WTP-8J66-15W series

FCC, CE (EMC), VCCI Class B certification standards

Having achieved FCC, CE (EMC), and VCCI Class B certification standards, this series elevates the standard for industrial, residential, office, and laboratory use, ensuring superior protection levels for user health and safety.

If you have any product or customization requirements, please contact Wincomm sales (mail: sales_support@wincomm.com.tw). For more product information, please visit the Wincomm website at https://www.wincommusa.com/.

About Wincomm
Wincomm is one of Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of industrial computer and embedded computer products. Wincomm designs and develops all in one panel PC, large size all in one digital signage system, rugged box PC and embedded software products for a broad range of industries and applications. Wincomm aims to provide hardware and software integrated solutions for the most variant environments such as industrial automation/ human machine interface control, digital signage / infotainment Kiosk, and medical computing.


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