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2017 Computex Success Ending
Thank you for visiting Wincomm booth during Taipei Computex 2017; If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us ..
Wincomm Releases 15 inch and 19 inch Full IP66/IP69K/IP67 stainless steel Panel PC WTP-9C66 Series and Wide Temp. WTP-9C66 W Series
Wincomm, a long time leader in the industrial panel PC field with a focus on unique thermal solutions, introduces the new series of Full IP66/69K/67 Fanless Stainless Panel PC ~ WTP-9C66-15/19 and WTP-9C66-15/19 W (Wide Temperature). Complete with a performance upgrade from the previous generation WTP-9A66 series, this panel PC is suitable for food processing and auto control systems with high pressure water column cleaning automation applications. ..
Wincomm announces Intel 5th gen. Core i Broadwell CPU platform WLP-7D20-H Series for semi-outdoor environment
For semi-outdoor environment and outdoor kiosk needs, Wincomm has added the wide temperature, high brightness, and fanless industrial panel PC, WLP-7D20-H series, with high-end Intel 5th generation Broadwell CPU platform. The full flat panel PC comes in two sizes 15''/19'', wide temperature -20℃ to 60℃and high brightness to 1000 nits. Compared to the competitors models only having 350 nits, the WLP-7D20-H wide temperature high brightness series will be more suitable for semi-outdoor environment HMI automation system. ..
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