Product Name : Swappable Battery DR-202-GA
Product Description
  • Compatible with all WMP G/H/J Series

  • Battery Indicator LED Light

  • Medical Grade Certification with WMP G/H/J Series

  • Non-stop Swappable Battery Architecture

  • High Electricity Current Battery to Fulfill High Medical Image Process

Product Introduction

DR-202-GA is designed by Wincomm and dedicated to fulfill with highly expansion solutions, especially for medical imaging process application.  It is featured on higher electricity current discharge/charge and non-stop architecture to benefit healthcare professionals to optimize high medical image process. Only apply for WMP-G/H/J series.
Main Body 
Battery Type 3S3P  Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage DC: 10.8 V
Battery Capacity 10350mAh
Battery Energy 111.78Wh
Charging Time w/Charger Station, 1 Hr for 70%, 2 Hrs for 100% (w/JW202W2)
Warranty Normal use in one year or charge Capacity < 70%
Max. Continuously discharge 10A (max continuous power ≤ 100W at 50℃)
Battery LED Indicator
One LED Flashing 0%~5% capacity
One LED Lighting 5%~25% capacity
Two LED Lighting 25%~50% capacity
Three LED Lighting 50%~75% capacity
Four LED Lighting 75%~100% capacity
LED Indicator in WMP G/H series
In Charge  Blinking Green
Full Charge Green
Discharge Blinking Blue
Low Battery  Quick Blinking Blue 
Not in charge Normal: blue; Dark: no battery (OSD check battery status)
Environmental & Mechanical Characteristics
Operating Temperature    charge:0~45℃;discharge:-10~60℃
Storage Temperature       0~40 ℃
Storage Humidity
<70%@0~20°C, noncondensing
Architecture ABS + Plastic
Housing White 
Dimensions (Net: mm) 148.7mm x 89mm x 19.7mm per Battery
Weights (Net: kg) 0.47kg per Battery
Certification UL2504, CE, PSE, IEC-62133, UN38.3
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